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Commercial Work

What we do...

Alongside our loyal domestic customers, we have a broad range of commercial and corporate clients who we have worked with over the years. These include BT Openreach and Kelly's Communications for whom we carry out pole and span clearances, utilities providers, property developers, building companies, landscape architects and gardeners and a number of estate agents and housing companies. 


We work both on regular contracts and on a job-by-job basis, performing a whole range of jobs, from felling trees, clearing sites ready for construction, clearing power line posts, removing growth from signs and cameras, maintaining car parks, trimming hedges, pollarding trees, as well as emergency response work from storm damage. 

We also provide MEWP hire to local companies who need a lift to to get to those tricky to reach places. For more information on MEWP Hire or to see our Commercial Portfolio complete with all company policies, email us at and one of our team will be happy to help. 

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