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Tree & Hedge Services

Tree felling and site clearances

We are able to assess any tree and come to an educated decision whether to fell it or not, once that decision has been made, we can dismantle and remove that tree, regardless of difficulty or location. We also work on larger scale felling and clearance contracts that require expert forestry techniques and machinery. And by the way, for every tree we take down, we plant another in your name,

Hedge and shrub work

We are able to perform all aspects of hedge and shrub maintenance. We can advise on the best way to deal with any hedgerow depending on status and condition. Here are some examples of procedures; reductions, reshaping, trimming schedules or complete removal.

Reductions, pruning and pollarding

Reducing a tree is an art form. We carry out reductions correctly, taking into account the trees aesthetic appearance and the overall health condition. Our staff follow the latest arboricultural theory guidelines when pruning trees to make sure new growth is promoted and wounds are able to heal quickly, preventing infection.

Stump removal and root care

To reuse the ground where a tree once stood the stump must first be removed, Using our specialist machinery and techniques we can undertake any stump removal regardless of size or location. We can also assess root condition and determine the best way to care for a trees root system.

Crown care and maintenance

Caring for a tree requires assessment and action throughout its lifetime. There are many tasks we can carry out to prolong the healthy life of a tree. For example; crown thinning, crown cleaning and dead wood removal, weight reductions to prevent limb failure, crown lifting, cable/sling bracing and Ivy control or removal.

Inspection, reports and advisory service

We advise on and submit applications to work on trees covered by tree preservation orders. Wether its a detailed inspection of a single tree, aerial canopy report or a multiple tree assessment on a large site. We take into account conservation of the environment and wildlife protection, as well as giving un bias advise on how to proceed.


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